Cancerous tumor

On October 22, 2009 I took my Chihuahua Terrier Ipo in for her annual checkup and
was advised that she had a inoperable tumor. The Vet gave her a few months to a
year to live. I was devastated.

The following week she vomited (which she has not done once since I got her in
2005) and had bloody diarrhea. I thought it was the end.

I was talking to my friend about it, and she recommended Dr. Yoza, as she had
been seeing him herself. She told me a little about his treatment and said “it’s like

I took Ipo to see Dr. Yoza, and after the first treatment, she had a lot more energy,
and her stools were pretty much back to normal. With each treatment, she got better and
better, and she even started eating her normal Science Diet dog food. I had been giving
her baby food so that she could digest it better.

Ipo now eats normally, has energy to play with her toys, and her bowel
movements are normal.

After Ipo’s second visit, I was so impressed with her progress that I started going
to Dr. Yoza for my own treatments along with Ipo. I’ve noticed that my muscles are
more relaxed, and as a result, my head tremors have lessened considerably. Even my
friends and family have noticed the change.

As my friend Janet said, “It’s like magic!”

Gratefully, Lynnette and Ipo