Cataracts / Cardiomegaly Dachshund Vienna 13 years old

Dear Dr. Yoza,
As you know, our family has been going to you for the past 20 years since we moved back to Hawaii.  I have migraines, my husband has various body pains due to exercising & tennis, and we just started our 12 year-old daughter (Also, an avid tennis player!) getting treatment to “keep her body in check.”

But, this letter is more to THANK YOU SO MUCH for healing our very loved Dachshund, Vienna.  She is 13 years old and we assumed her all day sleeping, lack of hearing and seeing clearly, and really not responding when our other indoor dogs would bark at strangers, were due to her age.  I also noticed a blue haze over her eyes, which I assumed was cataracts.  Two weeks ago, she started breathing very fast when she slept, and had what I believed was heart attack around 2:00 a.m.  My husband rushed her to our vet the first time this happened, and she changed her diet and was put on medication.

The second time it happened, I was at home watching t.v. and I saw her coming down the hall towards me, when all of a sudden, she dropped, got very stiff and was basically “yelping/screaming,” and lost control of her bladder.  This was the 2nd time in one week.  I told my 12-year old daughter to call “dad” and tell him I think she’s dying…

He rushed home, took her to the vet again, and was told her left artery to her heart was damaged, which was causing these attacks.  When they were gone, I was obviously devasted and trying to think of ANYTHING that we can do outside of using a vet to help her.
That’s when I remembered talking to you in the parking lot, regarding your treatment of pets.  When my husband came back from the vet, I told him to “try” Dr. Yoza.  Well, I couldn’t believe what I saw after her first treatment.  My husband told me to “look at her” and tell him what looks different.  I said, “Oh my gosh, her eyes are black/brown, and the blue haze color is gone!”  Even my kids noticed it!

After 2 weeks of treatment (3x a week), I told my husband, she seems more alert & energetic:  waking up when the other dogs bark & going to the window to see “what’s up,” she can hear me when I call them for their meals, she walks around the house more often than sleeping all day, AND for the first time in probably over 6 months, HER TAIL IS UP AND WAGGING!  She even started climbing her doggie stairs to “her chair,” instead of whining until one of us picks her up to put her there!

We just wanted to THANK YOU AGAIN for making Vienna’s life in her “golden years,” much more comfortable, and it gives us comfort to know that your treatment has helped her in so many ways!
The Nishimura’s

Update!  After my husband delivered the letter, that night, for the first time in over a year, Vienna sat up on her back legs!