Hip Dysplasia / Pinched Nerve mini Lop-eared Sumo 6 years old

Sumo is a six year old mini lop-eared bunny. She came to me by way of my son who moved out of State. Based on her name, you can imagine she was a pretty hefty baby and is now a pretty stout adult bunny.

But her story begins in January 2010 when Sumo’s legs looked like a hopping frog. The problem was she was not hopping. In fact, her back legs were not moving much at all and she was dragging them around with her front paws. An emotional trip to the veterinarian revealed a vertebra that was 1/8 of an inch out of place. This caused her to lose the use of her back legs which were limp and almost useless. Her prognosis was dim. Only two alternatives were available; surgery with a poor chance of recovery or confinement to a smaller cage for the rest of her life. Not good!

Among the bunny community, we help each other and when Sumo’s condition was explained, Dr. Yoza’s name came up. THAT was the third option available to Sumo. Sumo’s first visit proved hopeful. Something was happening to Sumo after her visit. After a twenty minute ride home, Sumo had fallen asleep. Not unusual. What was unusual was how she was sleeping. She was comfy, cozy in her carrier on her towels on her back! Her front paws were crossed over her chest with her two back legs sticking straight up in the air. Very unusual posture for a bunny. What a time NOT to have a camera!

Three visits later, Sumo was pushing with her right leg. Yes, she would push herself over, but she was using that back leg. Several visits more and Sumo was using both legs. She was walking like a dog.

Today, Sumo is hopping like a normal bunny as if nothing was wrong. She continues to visit Dr. Yoza for treatment to maintain her strong legs and support for her spine. Thank goodness for Dr. Yoza’s healing ability. He is awesome!

Thank you, Dr. Yoza.

Linnelle (Sumo’s Mommy)