Cecal(bowel) Obstruction

Brownie Sugimoto is a 5 year old mixed Holland Lop rabbit. Brownie was diagnosed by her veterinarian with an obstructed cecum which is blockage at the beginning of her large intestine. Surgery was not recommended due to her small size. Her overall health was deteriorating with poor bowel movement, lack of appetite and chronic chest congestion. The vet would treat her chronic chest congestion with antibiotics which sometimes worked and other times made her feel even worse.

One day, a coworker of mine referred me to Dr. Yoza. She told me that he heals people but is especially good with healing pets. After about 3 consecutive treatments, we noticed that Brownie now has more energy, a bigger appetite, a lot more poop, and no chest congestion. We are happy with Dr. Yoza’s treatment and continue to see him on a regular basis.

Thank you so much Dr. Yoza for your healing touch!


Lorraine S.