Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease
Mia ♀ 3 years old

Dear Dr. Yoza,
My little Mia started seeing you in May 2018. At 6 months of age, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease. Her veterinarian had given her a prognosis of 6 months of life at the most. She was born with two small kidneys where they were both underdeveloped, one was barely functioning and the other functioned at 75%. I was devastated thinking I would lose her at such a young age. Then I found you.

Her lab result for her kidneys were always elevated. The Veterinarian confirmed her diagnosis and said it was irreversible and would only be able to be managed with medications and fluid treatments, similar to human dialysis. Mia’s care included a K.D Kidney diet, Subcutaneous IV fluids every other day, medications prescribed by her primary veterinarian, Fish oil, and Holistic supplements from Dr. Yoza which included Asparagus Extract, Cordyceps Extract, and Kidney Chi.

After her visits with Dr. Yoza, Mia seemed to come to life and I had my loving, energetic puppy back. She was a happy dog that loved everyone she met and was always excited to visit Dr. Yoza to get her weekly healing treatments, you couldn’t even tell she had something wrong with her. She loved car rides, sitting in the sunlight, and playing with our other dog Bella. Dr. Yoza’s healing treatments helped increase Mia’s appetite, gave her more energy, and improved her lab levels. I believe that Dr. Yoza helped give Mia quality of life and enabled me to have her for there long years.

Mia’s condition started to decline over the past few days, she wasn’t playing with her toys, she wasn’t running around outside, her appetite decreased and she became lethargic. It wasn’t the same Mia I knew and loved. In the end I felt it was best to let her go and say goodbye. Dr. Yoza did one last treatment (long distance) on the night Mia passed. I know that Mia is now running around in heaven, pain free, disease free, and will be my guardian angel watching over me.

Thank you Dr. Yoza for everything you have done for my Mia. You gave me 3 years with Mia, everyday was a blessing. Even though my heart is broken, I thank you for your energy healing her and allowing Mia to have a longer life with me. It was because of you she made it as far as she did, I can never thank you enough for all you did.

Mia Fey Lindo