Bladder cancer

Bladder cancer

I was a professor at UH for 40 years, teaching research to masters and doctoral students.
I believed then, and still believe, that research evidence of effectiveness is the main
criterion for selecting interventions. So, it was with considerable skepticism and caution
that I approached Dr. Yoza’s treatment using Resonant Healing.

But seeing usually is believing.

This is my third written endorsement of Dr. Yoza’s treatment.

Over the years, Dr. Yoza has treated all my family, including my wife, my two dogs, my
mother-in- law and my sister-in-law, and, perhaps surpsingly, me.

There have been some amazing successes.

Several years ago, our beloved dog, Schmoopie, was dying from heart failure. We
constructed an oxygen tent for her in which she would just lie there for several hours.

Then we heard about Dr. Yoza from a friend whose dog, apparently, was cured by Dr.
Yoza after just a few treatments. So, we decided to bring Schmoopie out there just in case
Dr. Yoza really had something special going on. 

Well, he did. 

After only two treatments, Schmoopie regained her energy, her breathing was much
better, and she only stayed in her oxygen tent for about one hour a day. She just didn’t
seem to need it anymore. She lived two more wonderful years even though her vet told
us earlier that she only had a few months to live…..maybe only weeks.

My wife, Renee, has also been helped by Dr. Yoza. She has migraines, but when she
sees Dr. Yoza while experiencing a migraine, it absolutely goes away within minutes.

As for me, I once was sitting in the front area waiting for Renee to be finished, when Dr.
Yoza walked out. In casual conversation, I mentioned that I had annoying pain in my right
eye for some time that neither my ophthalmologist nor my optometrist could resolve. Out
of nowhere, Dr. Yoza gave me a quick “dose” of Resonant Healing, and, within minutes,
the pain was gone, and actually was gone for years.

I was very, very surprised.  It seemed like a minor miracle to me, a shocking one too
because it flew in the face of some of my most strongly held beliefs.

Fast forward a few years.

I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in May, 2023. It was very severe with multiple
tumors. It clearly was life threatening. I ended up having three surgeries and eight
chemotherapy sessions. I also started re-seeing Dr. Yoza on a regular basis, including
trips to his office and telehealth treatments on a regular basis.

Both the medical treatments and Dr. Yoza’s continued for about six months. My surgeon
then did one more surgery in which he examined my bladder visually and took several
biopsies in areas where the tumors had been. After the surgery, he came up to wife and
said that he was really amazed. He said that my bladder,  “….LOOKED LIKE IT NEVER
HAD ANY CANCER AT ALL!” On top of that, in a few days the results of the biopsies
came through. All biopsies were negative; the cancer was gone!

It was a miracle! Or was it?

Obviously,  the surgeon deserves credit for his skill. But the original cancer was so
advanced according to the first diagnoses, that the surgeon’s skill can only be part of the
reason for this so-called miracle. 

My wife and I credit Dr. Yoza with the rest of the reason for my “miracle.” His passion for
helping, his skills at projecting Resonant Healing, his persistence and his kindness most
certainly were a large part of the reason for this enormous change in my potential life

As a research professor most of my life, my conclusion goes against the grain of some of
my firestorm beliefs about the need for research evidence needed to conclude what
caused what. But that belief clashes with the body of experiential evidence that I have had
with Dr. Yoza over many years.

In other words, I know that Dr. Yoza was behind a large part of this cure. Otherwise, the
surgeon would never have been so amazed at the results. 

I leave it to the reader to decide whether he or she would want to start or continue with
Resonant Healing. But I can tell you this: I firmly believe I owe my life to Dr. Yoza.

Dr. Joel Fischer
 Professor (Ret.)
 UH, Manoa
Honolulu, Hawai’i