Elderly Pregnancy Uterine Fibroid Prenatal Care

I had been married for more than ten years before I finally got pregnant. I was able to get pregnant soon after I had a treatment from Dr. Yoza.

I was lucky Dr. Yoza was in Japan many times that year, and I was able to receive his treatment during the early pregnancy period and the final month of pregnancy in Japan, which enabled me to give birth to my first baby at the age of 41 years old.

I had a big fibroid and so my OB/GYN doctor told me that I might miscarry a baby at any moment. Dr said I needs to be careful but I was still able to work. Thanks to Dr. Yoza, I was able to deliver a baby without any trouble. I am very grateful.


My son is now 3 years and 7 months old. He goes to a kindergarten where English is taught. His teachers say that he has very good listening skills. We are quite surprised that he can communicate in English as well as in Japanese now. Teachers praise him as an easy and clever boy.


They say that boys are rather sickly compared to girls. Though he was born by an old mother, he is very healthy. He has never had any fever at all, and never been sick that he needed to be seen by a doctor, either. I’m really thankful for him being a healthy boy. The reason for this, I’m sure it’s because that both of us are treated by Dr. Yoza whenever he comes to Japan.


I wish we could be treated by Dr. Yoza more often if it was possible. Whenever Dr. Yoza does comes to Japan, I make every effort to make an appointment with him.


Thank you very much, Dr. Yoza.