Rusty, my 10 year old beagle, was born with epilepsy. When I adopted Rusty at 5 years old he was having about 1 seizure every month. Within the next 2 years the frequency of his seizures increased to every other week and his veterinarian recommended starting him on phenobarbital, a medication for seizures. About 1 year later we also started him on potassium bromide, acupuncture treatments, and Chinese herbs. Unfortunately, the herbs made Rusty sick. Rusty loved the acupuncture in the beginning but after a while it seemed like he wasn’t enjoying the treatments as much.

This is when we started bringing Rusty to Dr. Yoza. We first brought Rusty in March and since then his seizures have become less severe, and he’s been able to recover more quickly from each seizure. Rusty loves his treatment from Dr. Yoza and always ends up snoring in the middle of the waiting room floor. We will continue Rusty’s treatment in hopes of one day weaning him off his seizure medications.

Vaughn T.