Torn Ligament

Kapono’s Story

My name is Jennifer Yeoman, and I live in Ewa Beach with my boyfriend and my dog Kapono.

Kapono is five years old, and is a pittbull/terrier/ridgeback mix. He is very precious to us and is like our baby.

One day my boyfriend left the gate and the front door open, and Kapono got away. He runs extremely fast so it took about fifteen minutes to catch him. When he was back in the house, Kapono started holding his right rear leg up when he was walking. I thought he just had something in his foot. I couldn’t find anything in his foot. Kapono went back and forth between limping, holding his leg up when walking, and putting a little weight on his leg. Since he was putting a little weight on his leg I wasn’t too worried.

In the days that passed, he would walk almost regular, and then just limp sometimes. We figured it would get better. We did not take him to a doctor. Over the period of several months Kapono increasingly got worse. He got to the point where he would walk on three legs and hop on the fourth. We brought him to the vet. She said that he needed an X-ray, so she did one, and she said that he had a partially torn ligament near his right rear knee, and that he would probably need surgery.

She said the surgery would cost about $2,500.00, and we didn’t have the money for the surgery. She gave us pain medication to give Kapono, as he was already in pain. We started giving him the pain medication and it seemed to help him a little bit. But then he got really bad to the point where he was hopping and not using his leg at all. His eyes were glassy, and you could tell that he was in a lot of pain.

I felt really sad and upset about Kapono’s condition, but tried to comfort him by rubbing his belly. He couldn’t jump up on the bed or couch anymore; we had to carry him up. He was in lots of pain. His pain medication ran out, so I called the vet to ask for more, and I told her how bad Kapono was, and she gave us more pain medication and steroids this time.

It didn’t help, at least not at first. I told my boyfriend that if Kapono started to cry because of his condition, we should put him to sleep. He agreed with me.

Then something happened that changed everything for Kapono and us.

My boyfriend said he was watching “The Pet Hui” and they showed a doctor named Dr.Yoza and he healed pets and also people. He was a chiropractor but had a gift of healing. My boyfriend heard stories of how pets were healed. My boyfriend said we should take Kapono, and I was very skeptical.

I told him that I didn’t think we should take him, and that I doubted that he could help Kapono. I told him we just need to save money for his surgery. My boyfriend kept going on about what he saw on TV about Dr.Yoza, so I finally agreed.

When we took Kapono to his first appointment with Dr.Yoza, Kapono was still hopping and not using his leg very much at all. At the end of the first treatment, however, Kapono was putting a little bit of weight on his leg more often than he had in awhile. It was a small but very real improvement.

From there, we began taking Kapono for treatment twice a week. I could not believe it but he was beginning to walk on his leg again, but then I figured it was from the pain medication and steroids, so I wasn’t sure if it was the treatment or the medication helping him get better. We slowly took Kapono off the medication, continued seeing Dr.Yoza and Kapono continued to improve.

Kapono has been receiving treatment from Dr.Yoza for a little less than one month, has had seven visits, and Kapono walks on all four legs now. He can jump in and off the bed and couch. I would say he is about seventy-five percent better.

I can take him for walks again, not super long walks because I don’t think he’s ready, but for walks. He has tried to run at times also, but I stop him because I don’t think that he is ready for that yet either.

It is such a blessing to see our dog free from pain again and able to walk. He walks with a little bit of a swagger, but not much. He will not need to undergo the trauma of surgery thanks to Dr.Yoza. He is free of pain and almost back to his old self again, thanks to Dr.Yoza.

I am so grateful that my boyfriend saw Dr.Yoza on TV. He saved us from maybe having to put our beloved Kapono to sleep.

We are a happy family again!

Thank You Dr.Yoza

Jennifer Y.