Hip Dysplasia

In late November 2009, Coco gurl a five year old Holland Lop began to lose the use of her hind leg causing her to fall over. Disabilities like this are typically terminal (meaning there is nothing a vet can do). After our vet conducted thorough blood tests, Coco was put on pain medicine which appeared to help a little, but still left her without an appetite. Coco continued to seem very fragile, hardly eating and falling over a few times a day.

After Coco’s first treatment with Dr. Yoza, she was able to hop down the hallway and out of Yoza Clinic without falling once! At home, her appetite immediately returned. She continued to improve with each of the three subsequent visits. Within a few weeks Coco was back to normal, becoming more active and exponentially hungrier. Coco showed signs of “juvenile” activeness, doing things she did when she was younger…. like jumping on the bed and getting into trouble.

Since December 2009, Coco has been seeing Dr. Yoza once a month and presently once every two months for energy boosts. Currently in July 2010 Coco continues to be very active and always hungry all the time. Her activeness and giant appetite are signs of a very healthy rabbit. She continues to take a running start from the bedroom doorway, to be able to jump onto our bed and get into trouble. She tosses anything left on the bed onto the floor, showing her early signs of juvenile behavior. Coco recently spoke with an animal communicator and said she feels much better after Dr. Yoza’s treatment.

Our thanks to Dr. Yoza and staff for helping to keep Coco healthy!

Love and Aloha,

Coco gurl