Tumor (both hind legs)

Though he had never been infected by any injury, he had lumps on his lymph glands of both of his hind legs. His vet gave him dosage, however they could see any improvement.

The next day after the treatment, his lumps seemed to get smaller. Since then, they got smaller and smaller until they finally disappeared ten days after the treatment. He was a light eater to begin with. But he has also begun to eat more and more gradually. So the owner is looking forward to the next treatment.

Y. I.

【From Dr. YOZA】
We go a call from the owner just before we left Japan and were able to know more about the dog. As the lumps were found on the lymph glands of his hind legs. the owner was very much worried.
(Even just one treatment did good to him, we felt confident about our Resonant Healing once again.)