Hip Surgery / Stroke / Cataracts

Lady is a 16yrs. old mix breed rescued dog. At age 6, she had hip surgery with pins and straps inserted on both hips so she could use her back legs. In 2008, she had a stroke and couldn’t stand and walk for a month. She “recovered” but had difficulty standing, couldn’t squat to urinate and walked in circles. After the 3rd treatment with Dr. Yoza, her cataracts were gone. Her eyes sparkled and facial _expression changed. She looked more alert, younger and slept better, ate more, and could stand longer with fewer “circles” when walking.

Lady started seeing Dr. Raymond Yoza in December 2009 and as of January 23, 2010; Lady can stand to drink from her bowl, sleeps through the night without having to go outside to urinate and walks with fewer circles.

Thank you Dr.Yoza!