Hit by car Head Trauma / Malnutrition

Hi Dr. Yoza and Noriko,

I could only get one picture of JayJay, at home, because he is so busy running all around the house! All the others are a blur!

This was right after he got the stomach tube out and right after we left your office this morning. I was so glad you were there because I wanted you to see him. There is no way I could explain in words the miraculous change that he went through because of you.

I can’t begin to thank you for taking your time to come, on such short notice, to the vet clinic. Please share JayJays story with other pet owners. You helped him in a way that medicine could not. You helped me because I was starting to doubt if I was doing the right thing trying to keep him alive. Within minutes of you using energy to reach him, I knew I had made the right decision. Watching him physically relax and start to take “normal” strong breaths still brings tears to my eyes.

I know you have helped many pets to have a better quality of life because of your ability to not only physically heal but to touch their emotional spirit, giving them the will to heal. Have a safe and joyous trip to Japan and know that every animal will know you are there. They will feel you and it will make a difference.

With much gratitude,

Liz and JayJay