I had my cats treated in Tokyo in August; one at Shibuya and four at Big Sight. My initials are H.M. I wonder if you remember us.

Thank you so much for your wonderful treatments. To tell you the truth, no matter how good the Resonant Healing is, I at first thought one treatment would not give Jumbo much change because he had a pneumonia and other diseases besides his age.

However, I could tell his breathing was getting much better in no time. and his face changed (his eyes were sparkling). I had an impression that his mind was as calm as ever could be. I also had a strong impression of “natural healing ability was switched on”.

This was my first experience. Everyone talks about “natural healing ability”, but I didn’t know that for sure until then. It was such a great experience.

The other cats have also been in good condition since Dr. Yoza treated them. Their coats are shining now. All my cats are rather old and their coats lose shine. Even the best supplements, food, shampoo, or massage could not make their coats so shiny. This is really a big thing for me. Too bad you cannot touch them. Their coats are fluffy and smooth.

Their conditions have been kept good since. I truly exclaim what a great treatment Resonant Healing by Dr. Yoza is!

Traveling by car has been very stressful for my cats because the only time they go for a car ride is when they go to the vet, which meant shots, pain, etc. But ever since they were treated by o Dr. Yoza , they have been free from stress. Of course, I had told them beforehand, that we would all go to Dr. Yoza. I found this out after I came back from Big Sight. It is quite a long way and takes quite a long time for a round trip. However , the cats looked happy without any stress. I can say moving by car is not always stressful for animals. It is not transferring but the reason that counts.

I was just amazed at the changes. I was so impressed by Dr. Yoza’s Healing. I thank God for giving me a chance to meet with Dr. Yoza. Those two days were exciting moments for me. Thank you very much.