Intranasal Tumor (Life expectancy 2-5 Months)





In October of last year, our 7year old Great Dane, Violet, started having nasal discharge
out of one nostril, intense coughing and breathing difficulties while sleeping.
After a round of antibiotics and tests at our local vet with no improvement,
Violet was recommended to have a CT scan at a specialty animal hospital in a bigger
city 2 hours away.
The news was devastating Violet had a huge tumor in her nose that was presumed to
be cancerous. We were told that her life expectancy would be 2-5 months and we could
expect the symptoms to continue to get worse as time went on. More mucus, more
blood, more coughing, more breathing difficulties, and possibly facial deformity.
We came home from the vet and felt completely hopeless. What do we do? Violet still
had so much life force left in her and we couldn’t imagine just watching her decline.
The very next day, that's when the miracles started to happen, and Dr. Yoza entered our

Our very dear friend called us and we told her about Violet’s diagnosis and devastating
prognosis. She told us that she had been at a gathering recently and someone had
mentioned that they had great success with their dogs from a resonant healer based in
Hawaii named Dr Yoza.
This felt like a serendipitous conversation as we had been wishing for something to help
Violet and here it was! I called Dr Yoza’s office and was so wonderfully welcomed by the
front office (Thank you Carla)! Later that evening, Dr Yoza called me to talk about Violet
and get a sense of what was happening with her. From the minute I picked up the
phone, I knew that we were in very good hands, and this might just change Violet’s life.
After sending in a picture of Violet and having an initial session over FaceTime, Dr Yoza
had been treating Violet remotely 2x per week since December 2023.
In just two weeks of starting treatment, Violet’s symptoms completely disappeared.
There is no more discharge or coughing or breathing difficulties. You would never guess
that Violet ever had any issues prior to it. It's absolutely amazing what Dr Yoza is able to
do from so far away.

We will most definitely continue with Violet’s remote treatment and no matter how long
she will be with us earth side; I can fully say that her quality of life has improved
immensely! It is a true blessing for Violet and our whole family to be in Dr Yoza’s care.
And all this amazing healing has occurred with not ever having met him in person.
Dr Yoza is a true master of his healing craft, and we feel so incredibly fortunate that the
stars aligned for us to have found him.
Thank you, Dr Yoza, for all that you do.
Let us always believe that miracles can happen.

Pia.S (Idaho)