Makena-Brain Tumor

Brain Tumor

Makena ♀ 8years old

This is a testimony regarding Dr. Yoza’s successful treatment of a brain tumor on our 8 year old dog, Makena. She had a seizure on 5/14/20 at noon and another one hour later. We took her that night to the emergency vet hospital where she was given anti-seizure medication and kept over night. A week later a CT scan revealed that she had a 2 centimeter tumor on her brain. It was inoperable and the vet couldn’t do a biopsy since it was not on the surface of her brain. The prognosis was that Makena had 1 to 3 months to live. The vet suggested radiation treatment, but it would require traveling to Los Angeles. The prognosis of survival with radiation treatment was probably a year. Even without the pandemic, I did not want to consider radiation. I already knew of Dr. Yaza healing therapy and decided to go to him.

On 5/29/20, Makena had her first appointment with Dr. Yoza and I purchased the angiostop supplement since I wanted to try anything that would aid in reducing the tumor. I made a guess as to how many treatments she might need. I brought Makena in for Dr. Yoza’s treatments twice a week from 6/3 to 9/9/20. Thereafter, she had treatments once a week up until 1/29/21. Throughout this time, Makena was on anti-seizure medication and prednisone, although she did not have further episodes of seizure since the first day.

On 2/3/21, I took Makena for another CT scan. This was at my option since I didn’t want Makena to stay on the anti-seizure and prednisone medications if it wasn’t necessary. 
The CT scan costs over $2400, so I waited 8 months before ordering this 2nd scan, while Makena received treatments from Dr. Yoza. I expected the vet to tell me that the mass did shrink but that it was still there. To my surprise, she said that the mass was completely gone. The vet tried to explain the reasons for the tumor disappearing (which didn’t make sense to me), but I was very sure that it was due to Dr. Yoza’s healing. I have decided to continue to bring Makena to Dr. Yoza for maintenance treatments.

A little personality background about Makena (part border collie): she doesn’t like people riding skateboards, or people riding on bicycles, and in general, is leery of people (her protective nature, barking often). But when she went to see Dr. Yoza, she had a calm demeanor. She would wag her tail whenever Dr. Yoza administered the healing and Makena had that look on her face that seemed to say to me “My head feels better, I like coming here”. Makena looked forward to her treatments.

Thank you Dr. Yoza. You are Makena’s miracle.

Linda Mahi