Pinched Nerve and Labored Breathing(Vet unable to diagnose)

Pinched Nerve
Labored Breathing
(Vet unable to diagnose)

9years old


In October, just before Pepe was 9 years old, I noticed that she was walking strangely.
Shortly after this I heard her suddenly screaming and crying while she was chasing a tennis ball. When I went to check on Pepe, her left eye was all white.
After this incident she stopped playing with her favorite tennis ball and going on walks.
She didn’t want to move except for her meals.
I took her to a vet and had X-rays and other tests done, but they couldn’t figure out the cause of her problems.
She seemed to be just having pain in her leg and lower back and she was struggling to walk. We couldn’t do anything for her.

At that time, my daughter was getting treatments with Dr. Yoza, and Mrs. Yoza told me that she should start treatments too. Pepe started going to the office twice a week.
 Pepe’s eyes, which had been half closed, suddenly was wide open and bright again after her first treatment. The next two weeks nothing changed. 
After two weeks had passed, she started walking but I could tell she was still in pain and her time spent in the living room increased instead of staying under the sofa. 
After a month, Pepe started to play with her tennis balls again.  Her behavior wasn’t the same as before, but the whole family noticed that Pepe was getting a lot better.

There was also the problem with Pepe’s breathing. Her breathing wasn’t labored as before the treatments.
At that time, Pepe drank excessive water and had frequent urination, so she also was tested for diabetes and two other illnesses, but it didn’t match her symptoms.
I noticed that after a month and a half of seeing Dr. Yoza, our whole family was surprised that her breathing became calm, and her fur was shinny again.

However, after two months without any further changes, I was wondering if she would ever be completely the same as before.
I was upset to see Pepe unable to go up and down the sofa since her illness started. Then one midnight, she jumped down on her own to drink water.
Furthermore, even when I opened the car window, she stood on two legs and stuck her head out the window like before.

All these natural movements weren’t the same since the incident and even the veterinarian couldn’t figure out what was wrong.
We couldn’t find the cause and it was getting worse! I’m glad we had her treated by Dr. Yoza because she was able to recover naturally without any medications and can now walk and run just like before!

Thank you Dr. Yoza!

Nishimoto Family