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Successful Pregnancy

I had operations for cervical cancer and ovarian cystoma in the same year I was married.
My husband and I longed to start a family right away so as soon as possible I began fertility treatment.

During the next three years, I tried artificial insemination eight times and in-vitro fertilization twice.
According to the doctors at the clinic, due to low hormone level. I only had two percent chance of conceiving through in-vitro fertilization and they recommended I consider getting a donor egg or adopting a baby.
The doctors’ heartbreaking news was mentally and emotionally hard for me to accept and I was devastated. More than anything I wanted a child of my own and it became so painful for me to see other babies.
Sad and depressed I became reclusive and remain in the house for majority of the next three years.
All this time, my husband patiently stood by me with compassion and loving kindness and when I realized how difficult and unfair my being depressed was to him I thought about our future together and the need for me to start living again and decided to enroll in English class.

Noriko, Dr.Raymond Yozas’ wife, was in the same class and we became friends and before long, I started to go in for treatments at Dr.Yozas’ clinic.
The first time Dr.Yoza gave me a treatment I was totally surprised by my bodies’ amazing reaction. My entire body would get warm and then I would have this sensation of healing occurring all over my body, mind, and spirit.
I experienced this with every treatment and I noticed too that gradually the monthly severe menstrual cramps became less painful.

Two years into treatment, my husband is transferred and we move to Japan. In the summer of the same year Dr.Yoza visited Japan on business and I was able to schedule a treatment with him. This was two month before my scheduled in-vitro fertilization.
Earlier, thinking this would be my last chance, I wanted to try his procedure one more time in Japan. One month after I got treated by Dr.Yoza in Japan the doctor at the fertility clinic recommended I try artificial insemination.
Miraculously, after one try I became pregnant!

I was married for seven years and the doctors told me to give up all hopes of bearing my own child. I firmly believe, getting continuous healing energy treatments from Dr.Yoza helped my body to restore its’ wellness and made it possible for me to conceive.

Thanks to Dr.Yoza and his wife Noriko I gave birth to a robust, healthy baby boy who will make five this year. My family and I live each day with deep gratitude and respect for Dr.Raymond Yoza.