Samson’s Family

Riri Samson Family
Tatum (7 years old) Caleb (5 years old) Zachary (3 years old) Noah (1 years old)

I have been under Dr. Yoza’s care since 1993 after hurting my back as a nurse. Though my employer had even suggested various alternatives including finding a different occupation, I continued my treatments with Dr. Yoza and have evaded the need for surgery and still work as a nurse today! When he introduced his treatment technique, I was more than just sceptical. I first noticed movements in my arm after about 3 months. Progressively, my body seemed to just take over during these treatment sessions.I am still in awe at how the mind and body can heal itself, given some direction. Needless to say, I have noticed various benefits from these treatments. The biggest of course, has been in the aleviation of my back pain. Even throughout 4 of my pregnancies, I was still able to receive treatments. My pregnancies were very comfortable, delivery very quick and easy, but most of all, my babies were very calm and happy.

I leave his office feeling realligned and refreshed. His office is very accomodating when it comes to scheduling treatments and his staff, which is his family, makes you feel at home and part of the family.

Thank you Dr. Yoza!