Skeptic/Untreatable Eye Problem

I am a skeptic.

If I can’t see it or touch it, I find it very difficult to believe it. And so it was with Dr. Yoza and his Resonant Healing.

OK; he had done miracle work with my dog, Schmoopie, who had heart failure. And, for sure, there is no placebo effect with dogs. But I just couldn’t believe whatever Dr. Yoza was doing could work on a guy like me. I was too hard head.

Well, I was out at Dr. Yoza’s office when he was treating my dog, and I mentioned to him that I had chronic eye pain. I had spoken to both my ophthalmologist and my optometrist about this problem. It had been going on, intermittently, for many years. Neither doctor could find anything wrong. They were stumped, and more or less dismissive of the problem.

Dr. Yoza suggested I try his treatment. I agreed because I had nothing to lose; after all, nothing else had worked, not even eye drops and prescriptions. So, I went to one session, and maybe a week later, had a sort of booster treatment while I was sitting in the lobby with my dog.

This is going to sound hokey, like I was making it up, but I swear it’s true. My eye pain stopped immediately, and it never came back. And I really do mean never because I am writing this testimony some six years later. That is a really long follow-up.

Now, someone reading this might be tempted to say this is obviously the placebo effect that something hurting me for so long could have disappeared so easily. My answer to that: It, unequivocally was not the placebo effect. For the placebo effect to work, the patient has to believe in the treatment. I did not. In fact, I was so skeptical that I actually tried Dr. Yoza’s Resonant Healing as a lark, sort of like my own little joke.

The fact that I really was cured and so quickly too means that the joke was on me, and to that I say, HALLELUJAH!

Dr. Joel Fischer, ACSW
Professor (Ret.)