Epilepsy / Arthritis

Before the onset of an epilepsy attack, his behavior gets awkward, his eye balls are congested, and he has some difficulty with breathing. On the day of the treatment, his condition was so bad that he could have had an attack at any moment. The following day, however, his eye balls were receding though he had a slight fever due to the change for the better. He usually had a hard time getting up because of arthritis. Here again, three days later, he was able to stand up all right, and he recovered his breathing.

Y. I.

【From Dr. YOZA】

We received a nice call from his owner three days after the treatment, saying “He got very well. Thank you very much.” On the very day of the treatment, she did not mention much about his symptoms. Therefore, it was not until we collected questionnaires that we found out his diseases. We were just as happy as his owner to hear that he had recovered from his sicknesses.