Chronic Kidney Disease

Dear Dr.Yoza,

We wanted to thank you for treating our Golden Retriever, Maya for the last 7 months.

Maya was diagnosed on July 6,2011 with bilateral small irregular kidneys.
She was only 2years old when we received the devastating news that Maya’s juvenile kidney dysplasia would not support her body.

Lab results and multiple Veterinarian specialists confirmed that she had Chronic Kidney Disease that could not be cured but only managed for an undeterminable amount of time.

Maya’s care involved a special home cooked diet, subcutaneous IV fluids every other day, acupuncture, numerous modern medicines and holistic supplements. She was playful and displayed no signs of discomfort. The treatment that she enjoyed the most was the weekly trips to your office. We believe that your positive healing techniques aided in stimulating her appetite and prolonging her happy life another year.

Maya looked forward to socializing with and the loving affection received from tha other patients and the Yoza Ohana.

In the last week,when Maya took a turn for the worst, we felt no choice but to let her go to heaven. Although our hearts are broken, we were truly blessed with Maya for 3 short years.

We appreciate your gift of healing, the encouragement and the love you gave as.
With Much Love and Appreciation
Renee Leong

Maya (July 1 2009 – July 12, 2012)