Spine Trouble / Pinched Nerve

In June 2005, our dog Hinano at the age of 8, was limping and had difficulty walking. This would occur off and on whenever she over did it in her play time (running and playing Frisbee). We gave her glucosamine supplement on a regular basis which helped for a while. This was the longest that she had difficulty walking.

Our Veterinarian suggested giving her aspirin. It helped her pain but she still limped. We couldn’t continue this due to the damage it would do to her stomach with the long use of aspirin.

We went back to our veterinarian and took x-rays of her spine which showed bone spurs on her lower spine. Surgery was not an alternative due to her age and type of injury. Surgery would not be a 100 % cure. She suggested an alternative treatment of acupuncture and prescribed a pain killer for her. A three week wait was the earliest the veterinarian who did acupuncture could take us.

After a couple of days Hinano didn’t use her back legs and did not want to get up. She put all her weight on her front legs, dragging her hind legs. Her hind legs and hip was getting really skinny from lack of use. She had a difficult time urinating so she would just stand and urinate. She did not have any bowel movements but we are not sure if she was constipated or just could not squat.

When talking to Christine, a co-worker mine, she asked if we would consider taking Hinano to see her uncle who is a Chiropractor. He treated animals before and might be able to help her. She explained the type of treatment of healing. We had heard about it before but had no reason to consider it.

Hinano is like our child and we would try anything that would help her pain. We made the appointment to see Dr. Yoza. Prior to treatment he showed us his method of healing and the process it takes. It wasn’t like anything we saw before but was open to it.

Hinano is a Australian Cattle dog and Basenji. She is not a dog that likes to be touched by strangers. In obedience class she did not let the instructor touch her. While laying down waiting for Dr. Yoza at his office balcony she allowed him to come and bend down next to her and let him touch her. No growling or snapping which is the norm for her at home with strangers especially when she is in pain.

After the treatment we carried her downstairs and placed her on the grass to see if she had to urinate. She began to have a bowel movement that was a build up of many days. We weren’t sure if we had enough bags to pick it up. When we got home she was so relaxed that all she did was sleep the rest of the day.

From the first treatment we saw such a great improvement in her movement and in her demeanor. We started taking her twice a week for a month and then once a week. We are at a point that we just take her for maintenance. Hinano is now 10 years old but acts and runs around like she was a one year old puppy. People who walk by our house cannot believe her age. She jumps, runs and loves to go to the park to catch her Frisbee.