Hello, I’m K.M. from Yokohama. Thank you very much for healing my dogs the other day.

Wiena, shaking because she is always cold and scared, began to feel warm while being treated over at Taro & Hana’s, a dog cafe in Fuji City. I could see that she was relaxed.

Olaf does not numb any more as she is repeatedly treated by Dr. Yoza. Though she is 10 years old, she enjoys ball throwing as much as others and runs so fast like a young dog that no other dog can beat her. I think healing does that.

I want to be with these kids as long as possible. Therefore, I feel I should watch their health conditions all the time. I should know when they need to be released from mental stresses and bad physical conditions. I’d like Dr. Yoza to keep coming to Japan and take care of them. I think prevention is the best medicine.

【From Dr. Yoza】

Ms. K.M. seems to be thinking of her lovely family all the time. She knows exactly what to do with each dog. In order to keep in healthy conditions, she thinks maintenance is very important. She comes to Fuji all the way from Yokohama whenever we have an animal healing in Fuji. She is an ideal dog owner.

Olaf, the mother dog, is a famous beautiful model (dog) whose pictures are often used in magazines and still photos.

We are very happy to be able to help her and other dogs with their good health.