Mammary Tumor

I am an owner of a Fancy Mouse named Baby, back in December 2008 she was diagnosed as having a mammary tumor under her left arm. I had several choices on the type of treatment and procedures to try and help Baby through her ordeal. There was surgery, which vets said that the tumor was too big and would be very painful for her and that she might not make it. Other vets advised me to let Mother Nature takes it course because it was a cancer and mice are always prone to cancers. In March 2009 the tumor has gotten bigger it has spread too the left side of her body and Baby was having a hard time walking. I spoke to my regular vet who I take Baby to see, and she referred us to Dr. Raymond Yoza. Dr. Yoza began Resonant Healing treatments on Baby starting from March 16 to present time (April 15) and I can tell that there has been progress in the treatments. Baby is more active and alert and the tumor is getting smaller! My family and I appreciate to Dr. Yoza for the treatments and I’m sure Baby is happier too!

Thank you Dr. Yoza