Defecation and urination for oneself are impossible due to the spinal damege due to the traffic accident.

Vinnie’s Natural Miraculous Healings!
No surgery, No pain, Non-intrusive Treatment by Dr. Raymond Yoza

Vinnie is a cat named after Vineyard Boulevard where he was found 4 years ago with traumatic injuries. He was a kitten apparently hit by a car, dragging his whole body with two front paws across the street.

He had a huge open wound in the hip area and a spinal injury which left him unable to move his bowl or bladder and a tail which hung limp. In effect he could not urinate or
deficate on his own and had no feeling or control of his tail. At this point it was advised to humanely euthanize him. Vinnie exhibited such a strong will to survive, that I asked instead, if they would train me to physically express his bowel and bladder.

After what seems longer than 4 years of “squeezing” Vinnie twice daily, my manager at work who is no crackpot but a highly credible individual told me of her mother’s dog’s natural healing by Dr. Yoza. An actual growth had disappeared after 8 weeks and was verified by the dog’s vet.

With lots of hope and some disbelief I brough Vinnie to Dr. Yoza. I was reassured that my human prejudices would not impact the results for Vinnie because animals have no preconceptions to interfere with treatment. Dr Yoza’s only concern that Vinnie had been like this so long.

Miraculously, after only 4 weeks, Vinnie started exhibiting signs of urinating on his own, by 5 weeks he was peeing on his own. His bowel is starting push out slowly and I”m finding droppings more frequently. Vinnies tail is showing signs of movement. Today Vinnie is in the process of learning how to use the litter box.

Vinnie and I thank you Dr. Yoza, you have dramatically increased our quality of life together.