End Stage Renal Failure Baby 19years old

Hi! Baby is an elderly dog, but she didn’t have any illness until last summer (Mid July 2019).  Suddenly she started having severe diarrhea and vomiting. When I took her to vet, the diagnosis was End-Stage Renal Failure. Baby’s kidney wasn’t functioning at all.

A lot of people were whispering that I should put her to sleep because everyone thought it’s impossible for her to get better. Baby was losing weight and becoming weak. But I just couldn’t give up on her, so I decided to take her to Dr Yoza. I knew he helped many people and animals.
Starting off with daily treatment, on third day she started eating again and poop on her own.  Her treatment was then changed to three times a week. Within a month, her weight was back to normal and she was lively again. Vet decreased her daily IV to every other day.

Thank you Dr Yoza! I’m glad I did not give up!!
Geri . Y