Labor and Delivery

Labor and Delivery:
Checked into hospital at 530am, received the epidural at 630am. I was fully dialated and ready to push at 230pm. Finally started pushing at 330pm and baby was born at 519pm. During the delivery my epidural ran out. I managed to push without a lot of pain.

Baby was happy and healthy when he was born. He’s been a very easy-going, mellow baby so far from the beginning. He didn’t cry a lot after delivery and since. He doesn’t cry too long if he cries, mostly because he’s hungry, tired or gassy.

He started sleeping about 3 hour increments from birth and about one month he would sleep about 4-5 hours straight. Since 2 months he usually gets up once a night to feed. He’s growing at a healthy rate for height and weight. At about 3 months he is very talkative and engaging.

Kimberley & Baby Carter