Honey.Chronic dry eye Pepper.Back injury

I first starting seeing Dr. Yoza for my dog Honey at the end of May. We continued twice a week for the first few weeks and then every week after that. I did notice improvement in her eye (she has a chronic dry eye condition and needs daily eye drops/medication). As of August we have stopped taking Honey (will continue at a later time) because my other dog Pepper hurt her back and needed immediate back surgery. She lost feeling in her back legs and couldn’t walk. They vet office allowed me to take Pepper to see Dr. Yoza before having her back surgery. I really believed it helped her with the healing process.

She had the surgery on August 12th and within 2 days of the surgery she was peeing on her own and had feeling in her back legs.  I was able to take her home on August 15.  I took her to see Dr. Yoza on the 16th and almost every week after that (missing a few weeks here and there). Within a week of her surgery she was walking pretty well – with the help of the ginger leader – and was on strict crate rest. After about 2-3 weeks she was looking much stronger.

I really believe that Dr. Yoza’s treatments have helped Pepper heal faster. It has been a little over 4 months since Pepper’s surgery and she is unrestricted and allowed to pretty much run free (except we have to be strict on her jumping on/off furniture). She still is a little stiff in her back legs but she is doing so well!

I know this review is quite long but that is only the ways that Dr. Yoza has helped my dogs! So back tracking a bit…. You have to do an orientation when you first go. It’s a group orientation and it’s just humans (no pets). He explains his process and what he does, answers any questions, and gives you a quick sample treatment.

I went in with and open mind but not really knowing what he would do. After his sample treatment my body felt tingly and I could feel the energy through my body. He automatically knew I had past injuries just by feeling my shoulders (I have bad knees and had knee surgery 10+ years ago).

So after the orientation you book your initial appointment and then go from there! So as I mentioned previously we started twice a week and then continued weekly after that.

Honey (and Pepper) gets treatments and I hold them in my lap. I say that it is like 2 for 1 because I’m paying got their treatment but also feel like I am getting treatment at the same time! After the first few treatments for Honey, I felt changes in my body and overall feeling. I’ve been trying to get pregnant for almost 2 years and was planning on getting treatment at the end of this year/early next year if I didn’t get pregnant but in July I found out I was pregnant!

The changes in my body was definitely due to Dr. Yoza’s treatment. It’s been about 6 months of seeing Dr. Yoza and my pregnancy has been going smoothly. I didn’t have any morning sickness and had been a breeze compared to my last pregnancy with my son! I truly believe that it is Dr. Yoza’s treatments that has been helping. I’m now 6 months pregnant! Thank you to Dr. Yoza and his office staff!

Also I’d like to note that Pepper dislikes other dogs but when she is at Dr. Yoza’s office she seems so much more calm. She will usually bark at them non stop but at his office she doesn’t. It’s pretty amazing to me actually!