Michelle McIntyre and family

I was first referred to Dr. Yoza by two co-workers who have had severe illnesses cured after visiting his clinic.

In 2018 my husband fell on a concrete street curb during a rainy day and hurt his back. He was in a lot of pain, and doctors said it would be a long recovery, we then decided to see Dr. Yoza, after a few visits, my husband was free of the back pain.

A couple months after that accident, our Shiba Inu Hachi, had neck/back pain too, we took him to the vet, and were told he was having a spine problem, that we would need to take an x-ray and even then, they wouldn’t be able to exactly pinpoint the issue, and he eventually would need surgery to fix the problem, but cure was not guaranteed. Hachi was yelping in pain day and night, which seemed to be a very sharp pain everytime he moved, he was walking very slowly, with his tail down and hunched back, his routine bathroom walks were impossible for him to handle, his face changed so much from the pain, he looked to be at the end of his life and looked to have aged years within days.
We took Hachi to Dr. Yoza instead of doing the x-rays and going for surgery, after one single visit, Hachi left his clinic pain free, his face was bright and smiley again. It’s been months since the issue, and Hachi has been running around and jumping everywhere happily like a little puppy, he turned 9 years old on January 10th, 2019 and acts like a rascal teenager, as if nothing happened.

I had a tumor removed from my ovary a couple years ago, and I have suffered from excruciating period pain all my life when on my period, to the point I would sometimes throw up out of pain.
After my tumor was removed, the pain was worse, I visited my gyno, who performed the surgery, and he said the pain could be due to the internal stitches, or also intestine issues. I then, visited Dr. Yoza, when I couldn’t take the pain, I could barely sit still in the waiting room, during the process, I felt all my reproductive body area twitching and pulling, as if things were being put into the right place. I left the clinic pain free. It’s been a few months and for the first like in my life in thirty years, I have not felt any period pain.

About two months ago, my oldest son, 20 years old, started to have pain on his hip side, from his repetitive movements and walking at work, after his first visit with Dr. Yoza, he was feeling more energetic, and pain free, we haven’t seen him that way since he was a kid, due to continuous hard work, he had to go back to see Dr. Yoza, who has always been able to help him leave his clinic pain free.

Our whole family is so thankful for Dr. Yoza, he is a gifted being, and we are truly blessed to have met him, and his loving and caring staff.

Michelle McIntyre and family!