Neck Pain/Gum Irritation Female

My experience with Dr. Yoza’s long distance healing using FaceTime.

(Between Hawai & Japan) Together with my dog, I experienced treatments with Dr. Yoza two times. However, this was the first time I did long distance therapy. There was no difference from experiencing the treatment in person. In my case, I experienced a few days of feeling sleepy. Thereafter, my body which was easily tired, improved and became more flexible.

When I changed to long distance therapy I was also worried about my neck injury.
From my second treatment I was surprised how the strain and pain in my neck suddenly subsided. I took X-rays just in case, but there was no apparent disorder and presently I am feeling nothing abnormal.

At the time I also had gum inflammation.That inflammation subsided after my first treatment.
I was really surprised at this.
I feel as though my body is revived whenever I receive treatment from Dr. Yoza.

This time, both my cat and I are receiving treatment from Dr. Yoza.
I am very grateful that even my cat has regained health. Thank you very much.

Kumiko Ozawa